"Safe As" striving for ZERO safety statistics

At Pro Choice Safety Gear they want you to be as "Safe As" possible in the workplace so you can do the things in life YOU love, and be with the people YOU care most about when YOU “down tools”.

Pro Choice Safety Gear has a rich history of manufacturing some of the best quality, most comprehensive and accessible Personal Protection Equipment ranges in the world. One thing that drives them to push the boundaries of Personal Protective Equipment is SAFETY, and the continual refinement of what it means to be as "Safe As" possible in the workplace.

Pro Choice Safety (33)

Pro Choice HHV6FB Full Brim Hard Hat Vented Prolock Harness


Pro Choice NPF Stinga Gloves


Pro Choice EPYU Probell Uncorded Earplugs Box of 200


Pro Choice CGL41N Riggamate Cowgrain Gloves


Pro Choice V9PB Shade Halo Plastic Hard Hat Brim


Pro Choice SSSF Thorzt 3g 50 Pack Single Serve 99% Sugar Free Sachet


Pro Choice SS250-50 Probloc 50+ Sunscreen - 250mL


Pro Choice SS125-50 Probloc 50+ Sunscreen - 125mL


Pro Choice SS1-50 Probloc 50+ Sunscreen - 1L


Pro Choice HMA1P2 Assembled Half Mask With A1P2 Cartridges


Pro Choice HHWL Hard Hat Winter Liner


Pro Choice HHV9R Hard Hat Vented Ratchet Harness