Workwear Discounts and Erebus Motorsport


We're proud to continue our association with Erebus.

We've been supplying the pit crew and travel uniforms at Erebus for years.  The team punches above their weight by consistently performing better than the big boys.

We love the way that owner Betty Klimenko gives people a go.  Like our very own Toowoomba rookie Will Brown, who is in his first year as a full time driver.

Will is proving that Betty's faith in him is justified by fighting for track position against the biggest names in V8's.

Or employing the only female team manager in V8 Supercars Shannen Kiely.
Shannen successfully managed the daunting logistics of running a skeleton crew and their travel during Covid in 2020.

Erebus Managing Director Shannen Kiely

Shannen has been with Erebus for almost five years and with over a decade of experience, was promoted to her new role last year.

We're sure that everyone is looking forward to a more normal season this year. You can follow the highs and lows of the V8 season with Erebus on Facebook by CLICKING HERE, on Twitter by CLICKING HERE and on Instagram by CLICKING HERE.

We look forward to following the Erebus journey again this year and beyond.