bioscience fresche

Bioscience fresche

Fresche is a 100% Australian company established in 2011 from healthcare origins in microbial infection and control.


The company was specifically established to research, develop and commercialize its advanced Quatlok technology for consumer, commercial, industrial and healthcare applications worldwide.

Fresche operates in 24 global markets, and partners with more than 40 global brands.

As one of those partners, Bisley uses fresche technology in a lot of its garments. Click here to see which ones.

Fresche is an advanced pathogenic microbe protection system which permanently bonds to a diverse range of surfaces and substrates.

As a bonded antimicrobial it is highly effective in controlling pathogens that include bacteria, fungus, mould, mildew and dust mites.

Fresche contains no carcinogens, poisons, toxic chemicals, heavy metals or hormone disruptors. Fresche is safe for people, pets, plants and the planet.

That's why our Bisley Hand Sanitiser and Surface Guard contain bioscience fresche.

Fresche replaces the need for using alcohol on hands and reliance on harsh toxic chemicals to disinfect and protect surfaces from microbial contamination.

It is defined by simplicity and microbial control performance.


  • A silane anchor bonds the active to the substrate

  • A nitrogen atom creates a positive surface charge

  • Microbes are drawn to the charged matrix

  • On contact they are ruptured and electrocuted

  • The molecule is not compromised or depleted

  • Delivers long term, nonstop microbial protection


Fresche microbial control and protection formulations have been subjected to more than 500 independent microbial challenge tests, most in certified NATA approved test laboratories around the world Most tests have been both commissioned and assessed by prospective global brand partners following their own production line validation of the technology Fresche is a strategic collaboration and technology partner to Bisley Brands.